Our investment bankers pay particular attention to the unique situations associated with the sale of a family-owned business, including:

  • Estate planning goals,
  • Issues between active and inactive family members, and
  • The perceptions of employers, customers and vendors.

We run a professional sales process that:

  • Produces multiple offers,
  • Generates the highest price, and
  • Closes the deal quickly.

When selling a family owned business we target strategic buyers and private equity groups.

  • They have cash and available financing.
  • They pay more since they receive a strategic benefit.
  • They are experienced dealmakers and close deals more quickly.

The buyer of your business will most likely be a strategic buyer or private equity group that has extensive experience, deep resources, and teams of professional advisers. Your advisers have to be equally qualified.

Our firm has the expertise and resources to aggressively represent your interests. Our professionals draw on their backgrounds as corporate attorneys, CEOs, CPAs, and CFOs to guide you through hard fought negotiations and the complex issues involved in selling a family-owned business.